Northern Stars Rising Auditions

Please RSVP to hold an audition slot for this performance.

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Saturday, January 25th
1:00 – 4:00pm
Heartwood Center
615 Oak St., Sandpoint, ID 83864

  • Eligibility: Open to musicians and vocalists hoping to further their musical careers. See more details under Categories. You may audition for one category only. All genres and sizes of groups will be considered. You may perform original and/or cover music, but please see Best Original Song category below.
  • Performers will audition with a 3-5 minute sample of their work. If selected from the audition, they will then create a 10-12 minute set for the performance.
  • Two performers or groups will be selected to perform in each category.
  • No tech support is available at the auditions. Full tech support will be available at the performance.
  • Auditions will be juried by a panel of three POAC Performing Arts leaders. The performance is judged by a panel of five guest judges.
  • Every participant must sign a liability waiver prior to auditioning.
  • Open auditions are held on a first-come basis for your convenience. Performers arriving later than 1:45 will not be given an audition slot.


  • Polaris, ages 14-18: The North Star is a bright beacon in our night sky, always oriented in the right direction. This category is for high school students who are learning what it takes to be a professional musician.
    1st Place: 1-song recording session + photoshoot
    2nd Place: Music supplies + MCS lesson
  • Sirius, ages 18-25: All stars shine, but none like Sirius, the brightest star in the northern sky. This category is for young adults with serious hopes of booking more paid gigs.
    1st Place: 1-song recording session + photoshoot
    2nd Place: Music supplies + MCS lesson
  • Aurora, ages 26+: The stunning aurora borealis, or northern lights, gives a rare, breathtaking show that is a delight to see. This category is for established artists 26+ who are already performing locally but hope to expand their reach outside North Idaho.
    1st Place: Fully edited, professional video of live performance + photoshoot
    2nd Place: Raw footage of professional video of live performance
  • Best Original Song: All six contestants above are additionally eligible for Best Original Song if they perform at least one original song in their set. They will be judged both on the poetry of their lyrics and on their live performance. They may submit one song to be considered. Lyrics must be submitted by February 7th to [email protected] 

       Best Original Song: $100 cash

Dress rehearsal: Thursday, February 20th, 2020 @ 5:30
Performance: Friday, February 21st, 2020 @ 7:00
Heartwood Center
615 Oak St., Sandpoint, ID 83864

For more information, contact:
Hannah Combs, Executive Director
[email protected]

Northern Stars Rising Audition RSVP

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  • Must be 3-5 min.
  • Grand piano available, all accompaniment and other instruments provided by performer
  • Please include any requirements for sound reinforcement or other concerns
  • Time Commitment