Become a POAC Artist

Who are the POAC Artist Members?

With 90+ current artist members,  we are the largest collective of visual artists in northern Idaho. In the past 10 years, POAC has promoted the work of over 300 artists in the Inland Northwest. Our artist members work in an array of mediums (you can see their work here), and we are proud to present their work over 10 locations in Sandpoint, Ponderay, Dover, and Sagle.

Why You Should Join

If you are an artist in the Inland Northwest, you should become a POAC artist member!  We are able to serve your needs whether you are an established professional artist or a beginner developing your skills.  Our visual arts committee works tirelessly all year to provide opportunities for you and your artwork, and our summer ArtWalk has a 40-year legacy that is widely recognized in the region. Become part of a close community of creators with a broad audience throughout the Inland Northwest.

Artist Membership Benefits

  • Invitation to participate in each of POAC’s gallery shows
  • Name and artist’s website link on POAC website
  • Monthly e-newsletter that shares upcoming POAC events and opportunities throughout the region and provides a direct line of contact should you want to participate in a gallery show
  • POAC-sponsored opening reception for all POAC exhibits
  • POAC-sponsored marketing for each exhibit
  • Waived application fee to participate in ArtWalk and our Arts & Craft Fair

What to Expect

A typical POAC Visual Arts season includes ArtWalk, the Artist of the Year solo show, two student art shows, 7 themed group shows, and 20+ solo shows at our ancillary galleries. The visual arts committee strives to design the season so that every artist has the opportunity to display their work in at least two exhibits throughout the year.

We like to work with artists who are positive and proactive about their artistic journey.  If you want to be in a show, let us know!  If you have an idea for a show, tell us about it!  With a staff of two and a small volunteer committee, you far outnumber us, so the surest way of getting the most out of your artist membership is to stay in touch.  We love to hear from you!

The annual membership fee is $50.  Your membership is valid for an entire calendar year from the day you sign up, i.e. June 3, 2018-June 3, 2019.

POAC takes a 25% commission on all gallery sales, one of the lowest in the area.  This commission is non-negotiable, because it goes directly back into funding the receptions,  marketing, and supplies that make your exhibits possible.

We also expect a few things from you: contracts that are completely filled out, artwork that is ready to hang, and delivering artwork on time.  While these tasks are not necessarily fun, they are necessary to ensure that we remain a professional organization.

How It Works

  1. Tell us who you are
    Fill out our contact form, including your contact info, how you would describe your work (oil painting, ceramics, mixed media, etc.) and, if possible, a link to your website or another platform where we can see your work.
  2. Set up an introductory meeting
    Our Visual Arts Administrator will arrange an informal meeting with you at the POAC office so that we can get to know you and your work.  Bring a few samples of your work, tell us what you’re interested in, and we will let you know what opportunities are available to you. If you think POAC is right for you, pay your membership dues, and you’re set for an entire year!
  3. Plan your first exhibit 
    Your first exhibit will likely be a group show or ArtWalk.  We will help you through the ins and outs of how to prepare your artwork for your first show with us.
  4. Enjoy the benefits
    Check your email for our monthly newsletter, attend receptions, meet other artists, get discounted tickets to a performance at the Panida, and add ‘POAC Artist’ to your professional resume!

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Because we cooperate with other businesses to provide gallery space, our ability to show work that is sexual in nature or politically charged is limited and at the discretion of our Visual Arts Chair.  While we welcome all forms of expression, our galleries may not be the best fit if your work is graphically provocative.  We can, however, put you in touch with galleries that may be better suited to serve your needs.
  • We are not able to cover shipping costs for artwork.  We require that all artists are able to deliver their artwork to our galleries for installation.
  • As a nonprofit arts council, our focus is on promoting local arts and culture. While selling your artwork is definitely one of our goals, our market is based on the interests of the local community, and there is no guarantee that your work will sell. Most sales occur at artists’ receptions when you are available to talk with your potential clients.
  • We reserve the Columbia Bank Community Plaza gallery for special projects that our member artists or local teachers devise.  Find more information here.

What if I’m a Performing Artist?

We’ll admit our current artist opportunities are skewed toward the visual arts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have options for you too!

  • Get a paid gig at our annual Arts & Crafts Fair or Art Party
  • Perform at an ArtWalk reception
  • Get discounted tickets to our Performing Arts Series

    If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or would like to suggest ways that our performing arts program could grow, please let us know here.