Kaleidoscope30 It only takes three or four hours a month.  You don’t have to be an artist and you don’t need any previous teaching experience.  You just need to enjoy working with grade school children, who happen to love doing art.  We’ll give you all the training and art materials you’ll need* to teach eight hands-on lessons (one per month, October thru May).  The kids will give you their enthusiasm and their appreciation.

kaleidoscope oct 2010 013The Kaleidoscope Art Program is an all-volunteer effort made possible by the Community Assistance League and the Pend Oreille Arts Council.  We bring the joy and enrichment of art to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders throughout Bonner County.  Kids who may not have art on a regular basis otherwise.

This really is a rare opportunity to make a difference and to see that difference face to face.  (And to have some fun in the process.)  If you’d like to find out more, contact Debbie & Tammie at (208) 863-7536 (texts welcome) or email to kaleidoscope.art.bonnercounty@gmail.com.  You’ll see being popular has never been so rewarding.


Fall Training Workshop 2016
Was Held On: Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016

Winter Training Workshop January 2017
Was Held On: Saturday, January 28th
Where: Sandpoint High Art Room
(Located in a separate building back and behind and to the right of the middle school. Enter parking lot of middle school for access, parking is back by the building itself).
Address: 310 South Division Street

Please Contact:
Debbie & Tammie
kaleidoscope.art.bonnercounty@gmail.com or
(208) 863-7536 (texts welcome)
to let them know if you would like to volunteer to teach art to students.